Combat Online Censorship With A VPN!

Living under a dictatorship where the internet is restricted and trying to access online information that is blocked can be a daunting task especially when the regime in charge controls the media and bans certain websites. For journalists and political activists, publishing documents and accessing information that the regime deems off limits can jeopardize an individuals physical safety and information sources. Dictatorial regimes have the capabilities to monitor online information, obtain identities, and pinpoint exact locations, leaving individuals and organizations vulnerable to government harassment, arrest, and possible prosecution. In a time where dictators are cracking down more and more on online speech due to the fact that online information and social media networking are the keys to mobilizing resentment towards authoritarian repression that could in itself bring about a change to the regime in which all dictators fear as a threat to their survival which in return is why human rights abusers censor and control the internet to the fullest. These restraints against online censorship call for a positive solution.

Now there is a way to combat against online censorship with the use of a reliable VPN (virtual private network). A VPN is a service that encrypts your internet traffic and protects your online identity. One of the most reliable VPN’s on the market today is NordVPN. NordVPN has been successfully tested in dictatorial countries like China and Saudi Arabia where internet censorship is widespread. NordVPN allows you to access websites that are blocked or banned by the government while protecting your identity and data from the authorities by redirecting your internet traffic through a specially configured remote server. Your IP address is changed to make it look like your signal is being received or sent from a different location which will in return protect your exact location from the authorities. NordVPN works on Windows, Android, MacOS, iOS, Linux, and Windows Phone which includes all PC’s, laptops, tablets, iPhones and Smart Phones. NordVPN also does not log any of your private data or online activities.

To those individuals currently living under dictatorial rule, having a VPN service at your disposal is a great asset and tool for bypassing online censorship and gaining access to information otherwise restricted by the government. If you are looking for a way to fight back against state oppression and allow yourself access to restricted, blocked, or banned online content and websites, with the ability to protect your identity, data, location, and sensitive information, while avoiding the government’s ability to intercept your communications and monitor your online activity, and to protect your physical safety from ISP tracking government monitoring, while enjoying privacy from government surveillance then NordVPN is the ideal service for granting you online freedom and providing the means for unleashing the restraints of online censorship by repressive governments while paving the way for better access to information and greater citizen mobilization for political change.

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