Hello Friends,

My name is Gabriel Passmore and I’m the owner, operator, and editor-in-chief of dictatorworld.com a content driven online advocacy publication that condemns dictators and their assault on human rights. I graduated from the University of Tennessee and earned a bachelor degree in political science with a concentration in foreign affairs and international relations.

Dictator World works to bring a much needed change to the area of U.S. foreign policy by advocating to end practices that befriend and build alliances with dictators while also advocating to advance freedom for individuals who live under dictatorial rule. Dictator World also seeks to inform the public about the U.S. relations connected to dictatorial regimes as well as the American lobbying firms that initiate public relations campaigns in order to boost a dictators rather tarnished image. Dictator World believes in going after the root cause of international problems and the dictators profiled in this publication are solely responsible for much of the world’s human rights violations, poverty, civil wars, and links to terrorism. Unlike other human rights organizations, this publication aims to deliver honest and factual reporting without distorting the information presented into bias objectives for political self interest initiatives.

For decades now the U.S. has allied itself with some of the world’s worst dictator’s that oppress their own people which runs contrary to American values in regards to upholding freedom and human rights. Not only do these dictators brutalize their own citizens, but they are also guilty of supporting terrorism and creating a climate of hostility and regional instability that can be detrimental to U.S. national security efforts. The United States could do a better job when it comes to standing for freedom and human rights without looking hypocritical when we as a nation conduct business and ally ourselves with human rights abusers.

The United States should take on a more ethical and responsible approach to foreign policy while also issuing a peace through strength model such as establishing a strong military and security infrastructure that is capable of handling all international threats, having bilateral relations only with democratic countries, enacting policy that would divest investments from companies that conduct business with dictatorial regimes and give tax incentives to companies who invest in American businesses and goods, setting initiatives that promote freedom abroad involving the respect for human rights and the rule of law, enacting a directive that a healthy relationship with the United States will ONLY occur until the regime in power honors their citizens rights to individual freedom, basic human rights, and the rule of law, and moving forward with policies that isolate and levy sanctions against dictators their families, and associates.

As a way to education and inform the public and advocate for a just foreign policy solution that supports universal human rights, Dictator World stands as the premier publication that singles out every current living dictator that contributes to so much of the world’s problems. Dictator World works to bring attention to the unresolved issue of allying with human rights abusers in an effort to awaken the international community so they can see that these dictators are nothing more than illegitimate tyrants who disregard human life while threatening international security and should not be given the authority to maintain their power through lucrative trade deals and cozy alliances.

The information contained in this publication will give readers a complete rundown about the extreme nature and brutal tactics these dictators often use in order to maintain their grip on power. The goal for this publication is to expose and profile each dictator for the human rights abuses they are guilty of committing while maintaining a continued watch on their activities and reporting on all U.S. relations and foreign lobbying efforts. Dictator World advocates for the ouster of all dictators worldwide through grassroots campaigns for regime change and for the U.S. government to stop aiding and allying with dictators. This publication believes in upholding and promoting universal freedom, human rights, the rule of law, and standing against tyranny while acting as a platform where people can seek the truth. Dictator World intends to give readers a platform where they will find the information in this publication provocative as well as insightful enough to initiate action against human rights abusers instead of enabling them.