Checks and Balances International

Regime change can be a daunting and dangerous procedure often leading to a new regime with the same authoritarian tendencies and human rights abuses. When a dictatorial regime is overthrown, opposition leaders fail to fully disassemble the dictatorship apparatus which enables the dictatorship to reform under new leadership. Fighting for human rights and freedom can seem like a losing battle when certain essential principles and reforms are not put into place when advancing regime change and the transition of power. is here to help advise, offer strategies, and solutions about the first steps to take when seeking regime change to the reforms that must be implemented into a constitutional republic with strong checks and balances on all levels of government in order to stop the centralization of power while allowing political reform to come from within the country and made by the people themselves without any influence or meddling from western governments or financial institutions.

Learn about the following criteria that is essential for regime change to occur properly and why it must be implemented in order to prevent the dictatorship from reemerging under different leadership.

First Steps:

How to build a coalition of opposition forces?

How to expose the dictators strengths and weaknesses?

How to get the right sequence of reform?

Moving Forward With Reforms: