dictatorworld.com A Platform For Information, Education, And Revolution

dictatorworld.com is an online publication that advocates for abstaining from dictatorial alliances, promotion of human rights abroad, and reforming U.S. foreign policy initiatives. The goal for this publication is to bring awareness and action against the many dictators that violate human rights while exposing the U.S. relations and the lobbying firms that collude with these dictatorial regimes.

dictatorworld.com promotes freedom, universal human rights, and the rule of law by advocating for regime change through grassroots campaigns in an effort to abolish all dictatorships and to stop the Washington D.C. establishment from propping up dictators in the name of national security. This publication also acts as a international platform that seeks to educate individuals about the dangers that dictators impose towards human rights and national security involving unlawful killings and supporting terrorism. The dictators profiled in this publication are guilty of committing some of the most horrific human rights violations ever imaginable including arbitrary imprisonment, systematic killings, silencing free speech, torture, and rape.

U.S. lawmakers as well as lobbyists and special interest groups are colluding with these murderous dictators and promoting their agendas on the American taxpayer dime while ignoring human rights abuses and doing nothing to promote freedom. If there is even a care in this world about humanity and stopping human rights abusers then this publication urges those individuals to stand up and take their country back at all costs and if Americans are tired of seeing their hard earned taxpayer dollars going to promote the interests of foreign dictators then please stand up and take action and put an end to this madness by holding our elected officials accountable for their actions.

dictatorworld.com intends to provide the best information and facts to the public in an effort to generate enough public discord with the status quo in order to bring a much needed change in the area of foreign policy to individuals who’s voices have been silenced or gone unheard that they too can live in freedom one day and restore government back in the hands of the people.

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