My name is Gabriel Passmore and I’m the owner, operator, and editor in chief of Dictator World. I earned a bachelor degree in political science from the University of Tennessee with a concentration in foreign affairs and international relations. After years of working as a factory associate, personal trainer, security officer, and drummer for several bands, I developed a strong passion for politics and decided to return to college and finish my education. As a way of reinventing myself, I decided to start an online advocacy publication that deals with the concept of dictatorial leadership and human rights issues.

Combat Online Censorship With A VPN! Living under a dictatorship where the internet is restricted and trying to access online information that is blocked can be a daunting task especially when the regime in charge […]

According to Ghanaian economist George Ayittey here are the essential steps, strategies, and reforms needed in order to defeat a dictator. Individuals who live in countries ruled by a dictator […]

The Dictator Lobby

  Would anyone ever imagine that there are individuals and firms in the United States that conduct business deals and rack in huge profits from some of the world’s worst […]

The Mindset Of A Dictator

  A complete observation about how a dictator operates, thinks, and maintains power requires an examination on how they manage to condition society into accepting their rule and the tactics […]

Dictators Are Not Our Allies!

  Throughout history dictators have served as proxies for western governments to subdue foreign adversaries, provide military installations, and supposedly help fight the global war on terror. Dictators have also […]

What Is Still Possible

Is turning away from dictatorship really possible or is it just a distorted fabrication of a well thought out fantasy? As it turns out that fantasy turned into a reality […]

Mission Statement

Currently the world is consumed by at least forty plus living dictators most of whom reside in parts of Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, and the Middle East. The dictators […]