Dictator World Action Super PAC

The Dictator World Action Super PAC is a political action committee registered with the United States Federal Election Commission. The purpose of the PAC is to advocate against U.S. relations with dictatorial regimes that are guilty of human rights violations and to end the practices of foreign lobbying that are allowing ruthless dictators to gain influence over U.S. foreign policy and proposing that the United States only build alliances with democratic countries exclusively while bringing awareness about international human rights abuses committed by dictatorial regimes and supporting grassroots campaigns seeking regime change.

Donations are encouraged in order to pressure the U.S. Congress to take action and restore American’s foreign policy initiatives to where it truly respects and supports human rights, freedom, and the rule of law in countries that are currently under dictatorial rule. As it stands now, American tax payers are spending billions of dollars to aid and trade with human rights abusing dictators that don’t adhere to American values and principals while lobbyists are racking in millions to allow these same dictators influence over U.S. interests. Lets pick better allies, end the hypocrisy, stop the influence peddling, and support freedom over tyranny today.